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SEMplicity’s Approach to Modernizing SIEM

Our Methodology

SEMplicity offers solutions that provide you with the resources you need to be successful. In pursuing this goal, we follow three core principles:

  1. Find and employ the best ArcSight security consultants available. We have seasoned experts for long-term deployments, on-site or remote, to assure the largest enterprise clients are getting the most from ArcSight.
  2. Create simple, no-hassle solutions that save you time and money.We have packaged solutions that keep your systems running smoothly and alleviate many of your burdens. With a predictable number of hours and costs, these solutions have pre-determined content and set tasks our consultants perform at each stage. This saves our clients time and money by reducing account strategy meetings that incur a lot of billable hours but do little to reduce your workload.
  3. Create flexible solutions that meet your exact needs.We offer everything from full-time, dedicated consultants to subscription services that deliver concentrated, periodic maintenance and content at defined intervals. We build packages that keep your ArcSight solution running effectively and ensure you get only the deliverables you need with the least overhead possible.

In the final analysis, however, what sets SEMplicity apart is our people. Since all our consultants are ArcSight experts, we have pooled our knowledge to ensure that our clients benefit from our shared experience. Most importantly, all SEMplicity consultants support one another, so if one expert needs help in a particular area, another expert is always ready to assist. When you hire one of us, you hire all of us.



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