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SEMplicity Launches Managed Infrastructure Services for ArcSight

NEWTON, MA — (September 1, 2016) — SEMplicity, Inc. today announced the launch of a new Managed Infrastructure Services offering for the HPE Security ArcSight platform. SEMplicity is one of the largest HPE Security services partners, currently providing ArcSight consulting services to SMBs and large enterprises in the US.

Managed Infrastructure Services delivers a cost-certain solution to assure customers maximum uptime and optimal performance of their HPE Security ArcSight implementations, freeing valuable cybersecurity personnel to focus on threat identification and dynamic event response.

HPE Security ArcSight detects potential and actual security breaches based on real time event correlation and analytics. Both the number and variety of threats, and the number and variety of data sources are increasing exponentially. As the threat landscape changes and becomes more complex, updating aging content and managing infrastructure takes valuable time away from new threat identification and response.

In addition, finding and retaining technical personnel with the requisite engineering skills to optimize HPE Security ArcSight can be challenging for organizations. SEMplicity’s Managed Infrastructure Services is a fully ArcSight-dedicated, comprehensive outsourcing solution designed to keep the HPE ArcSight platform running quickly, smoothly, and efficiently at a fixed, subscription-based cost. SEMplicity’s experienced security engineers and developers work to improve internal service-level agreements (SLAs) and create a more stable and responsive technology stack by continuously monitoring, tuning, maintaining, and upgrading the entire HPE Security ArcSight implementation, including break-fix service. Through regular meetings and reports, customers always have an up-to-date view of their complete HPE Security ArcSight deployment which is critical for audit and compliance purposes.

“Business leaders looking for greater business agility while protecting the value of business assets expect their CISOs to lead efforts to detect cyber threats early, and to be better prepared to handle cyberattacks,” said George A. Boitano, Founder and President, SEMplicity. “With Managed Infrastructure Services for HPE Security ArcSight, organizations quickly gain a collaborative team of ArcSight infrastructure experts, supported by HPE resources, that can help meet these critical business objectives, with greater cost certainty and transparency.”


SEMplicity Managed Infrastructure Services are currently available exclusively to HPE ArcSight SIEM customers. Find out more about the solution by contacting SEMplicity at

About SEMplicity:

SEMplicity is a security software consulting company specializing exclusively in all aspects of the HPE Security ArcSight platform. In most security consulting firms, consultants are generalists in multiple platforms. Every consultant at SEMplicity is a true expert focused on ArcSight and how organizations can use it to get the most advanced threat detection and log management from this technology.

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SEMplicity, Inc.


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