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SEMplicity and Elastic partner to help enterprises integrate
ArcSight with the Elastic Stack

Through a new robust MSP offering, large enterprise customers gain access to the latest technologies to quickly search the largest log volumes, as well as expert consulting and support

BOSTON, MA— (June 5, 2018) — SEMplicity, Inc., one of the largest Micro Focus Enterprise Security Services Partners, today announced the formation of a new Managed Services Provider (MSP) offering focused on helping large enterprises plan, implement, maintain and extend their Elastic Stack and ArcSight technology integrations. SEMplicity is an Elastic MSP Partner and has provided dedicated ArcSight consulting services to large enterprises and SMBs in the U.S and overseas since 2010.

Security teams are increasingly looking for tools and platforms optimized for handling ever-increasing log volumes generated by an expanding threat landscape. Commercial, open source and home-grown security projects that leverage the Elastic Stack are being continuously created to help users store these huge log volumes more safely, search petabytes of log data more quickly, detect threats in real time, hunt down suspicious activities over extended timeframes, improve incident response workflows and better distinguish meaningful anomalies.

The SEMplicity Elastic MSP delivers a cost-certain, seamless solution for Elastic Stack-ArcSight users who may be considering a MSP to help them plan, implement and maintain their security log infrastructure, as well as extend it through future software enhancements, machine learning and other Elastic X-Pack capabilities to drive even more effective log management and threat detection.

“Whether the customer prefers to have us work on-prem or in the cloud, the SEMplicity Elastic MSP offering provides a comprehensive outsourcing solution designed to set up Elastic Stack-ArcSight integrations quickly and keep them running smoothly at a fixed, subscription-based cost,” said George A. Boitano, founder and president, SEMplicity. “SEMplicity’s dual expertise in ArcSight and Elastic helps customers create a fully modern, stable, cost-effective and responsive log-management infrastructure.”

According to Craig Griffin, VP of business development, Elastic, “We are excited to welcome SEMplicity, with its long history in the security industry and deep knowledge of ArcSight, as an Elastic MSP partner. Through this partnership, SEMplicity can help security teams use the Elastic Stack with ArcSight to quickly create next-generation threat hunting and security analytics solutions.”

The SEMplicity Elastic MSP partnership follows Elastic’s September 2017 strategic partnership with Micro Focus, in which Elastic introduced the Logstash ArcSight Module, which integrates Elastic’s open source search, logging and analytics platform with the Micro Focus ArcSight Data Platform (ADP), a best-in-class open platform for collecting, enriching and normalizing security data. This integration supports the ArcSight Event Broker log delivery mechanism and provides real-time capabilities and ad hoc security data exploration for ArcSight data at scale.

SEMplicity Managed Service is currently available to Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM and Elastic Stack customers. For an initial consultation or to schedule a proof of concept, please contact Doug Calenda, Director of Sales, at 978.427.2989, or email

About SEMplicity, Inc.
SEMplicity is a managed security service provider (MSSP) and consulting firm that specializes in large enterprise log management, searching, correlation and analytics. We are one of the largest Micro Focus Enterprise Security Services Partners, and an Elastic-licensed Managed Service Provider (MSP). Since 2010, we have architected and implemented ArcSight at dozens of the world’s largest corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies. Our security engineers are recognized experts in massive deployments of secure log storage and fast log searching using best-in-class proprietary and open-source tools.

Editorial Contact
Timothy R. Young, Director of Marketing
SEMplicity, Inc.

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