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Managed Services

Modernized SIEM Log Management, Fast and Easy

The integration of the simple yet flexible Elastic Stack with Micro Focus ArcSight offers powerful relief to Security Operations Center (SOC) managers and hunt teams who must navigate a rapidly expanding threat landscape. But where do time- and resource-constrained security teams find the best talent to plan, implement and maintain the integration?

What is the Future of SIEM?

In early 2018, SEMplicity partnered with Elastic to create a new Managed Services Provider (MSP) offering to help organizations quickly and easily achieve high-volume log storage, fast search, cutting-edge visualizations and machine-learning enablement.

  • Let our ArcSight and Elastic certified and highly trained experts handle your Elastic integration. SEMplicity knows how to leverage the latent strengths of your ArcSight infrastructure and evolve fast search by adding Elastic’s flexible open source tools and techniques. We’ll handle all of it for you, more cost effectively and faster than any other log management solution, so you can unleash your SOC and hunt teams on real threats and higher-level analysis.
  • Get faster, more modern log management functionality. Because we know Elastic, SEMplicity will help you plan, implement and maintain your security log infrastructure, as well as extend it through future software enhancements, machine learning and other Elastic X-Pack capabilities to drive faster, more strategic log management and threat detection.
  • Choose the way you want to work. Whether you prefer to have us work on-prem or in the cloud, our MSP offering provides a comprehensive outsourcing solution designed to set up Elastic Stack-ArcSight integrations quickly and keep them running smoothly at a fixed, subscription-based cost.

Download SEMplicity MSP Data Sheet

Consulting Services

Create Custom Next-Gen Threat Hunting and Security Analytics Solutions

Storing and accessing an ever-increasing flow of security messages for intensive, higher-level analysis are problems facing most hunt teams and SOCs of large enterprises, regardless of their SIEM implementation. Whether companies populate security databases with structured or unstructured data, the ability to conduct fast search often is stymied by the functional limitations and resource requirements of an outdated SIEM architecture.

Elasticsearch, the open-source, extremely fast, broadly distributable, readily scalable, enterprise-grade search engine, offers you a fast and powerful path forward. As a licensed Elastic Managed Services Provider (MSP) with deep expertise in Elastic and in large enterprise security message management, SEMplicity Consulting Services can help you deploy Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack tools to quickly create custom, next-generation threat hunting and security analytics solutions.

No two SIEMs are the same. SEMplicity offers customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Whether you are at the earliest stages of integrating Elastic into your SIEM infrastructure, or well down the road, SEMplicity’s well-defined consulting services offer you expert, fast and cost-effective support in the areas of planning, implementing, maintaining and extending an Elastic integration.

SEMplicity Elastic Integration Consulting Services


  • Needs analysis, sizing, proposed system architecture and functionality
  • The full range of Elastic products licensed by SEMplicity are provided for your use, including Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, full X-Pack and Elastic Cloud Enterprise.


  • Standing up appropriate storage and search capabilities, on-prem or in the cloud
  • Onboarding all designated log sources, legacy rules and use cases
  • Standard and customized dashboards based on identified use cases and fast, cutting-edge visualizations in Kibana
  • Integrated authentication, authorization and auditing with role-based access control


  • Skilled production technical support according to your requirements: 5×8, 5×10, 7×10 or 7×24
  • Dashboards and alerting for monitoring infrastructure, showing all log storage metrics and detecting log-source disruptions
  • SLA-level monitoring, storage, reporting and ongoing capacity planning


  1. Roadmap for and implementation of advanced features such as alerting, longitudinal correlation and machine learning
  2. Elastic fast search and analysis training for SOC analysts
  3. Knowledge transfer to your team on large-volume Elastic log storage
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