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Modern SIEM Solutions

To provide the maximum value, your SIEM solution must be properly designed, maintained and updated. New log sources need onboarding, while the infrastructure requires periodic upgrades and tuning based on changing event volumes and new threat intelligence, and your content must keep pace with the threat landscape. In addition, inevitable problems such as outages require immediate diagnosis and remediation.

We offer three main types of SIEM services to help with these issues:

  • Architecture: Years of engagements with some of the largest enterprise customers give us precise insights into what SIEM infrastructure clients need. Whether your focus is on log management for auditing purposes, or you’d like to leverage cutting-edge machine learning for event detection, we can architect the proper environment for your SIEM.
  • Implementation: We can provide full-time SIEM expert engineers and analysts, on-site or via remote access, to build, monitor, maintain and/or enhance your deployment.
  • Hosted: For organizations that want a turnkey solution, hosted by us.

Of course, an essential component of a superior client experience is flexibility, and we can design and implement client-specific offerings, comprising some or all of the above types, to fit your specific SIEM needs.

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