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All Security Products Need to Justify Themselves

Micro Focus ArcSight is certainly no exception. As information security gradually transitions from an IT-driven enterprise towards more of a legal, compliance and business results driven model, demonstrating the value of your ArcSight SIEM and SOC to management is becoming a critical issue. How many log records are you collecting and storing? From which platforms and network segments? How is ArcSight servicing your various compliance requirements (HIPPA, PCI, NERC, etc.)? How many, and what types, of correlated security events are you detecting? How are you handling them? How are you measuring analyst productivity and responsiveness? What types of threats are you detecting, and what are the major trends? These are all questions management needs answered to preserve your budgets and enhance the profile of your deployment within the organization. In today’s business-oriented world, continuous justification becomes critical.

SEMplicity Makes Management Justification Easy and Simple

From working at many of the world’s largest ArcSight SIEM deployments, SEMplicity knows what metrics management needs to understand and appreciate the value of your ArcSight ESM implementation. This package installs our sophisticated management justification content package on your ArcSight ESM, and then works with you to customize it for your requirements. In one week, you will be able to show your management numerous dashboards demonstrating the value of your deployment, and deliver weekly or monthly reports displaying everything management needs to know to prove the value of your ArcSight ESM.

Service Benefits
Scoping Call Initial call and follow-up with ArcSight internal personnel and management to present capabilities and set objectives.
Pre-Engagement Checklist Deliver a checklist of necessary requirements for the sprint to begin, and work with your organization to see that these are accomplished prior to the start.
Content Installation Install Management Justification Content, including dashboards, reports, etc.
Content Customization Customize content based on site requirements
Management Presentation Present reports and dashboards to management, solicit feedback, make changes as necessary
Engagement Report, Knowledge Transfer Document all custom content. Transfer management justification knowledge to internal staff.


  • Access to security management to gather justification requirements
  • Admin credentials for your ArcSight ESM
  • Remote access, if work is performed remotely
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