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Flexible Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM Solutions

At SEMplicity, our focus is on the client experience. Our goal is to provide superior Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM service with no hassles, no long negotiations, no surprises and no drama. We focus on making life easier for our clients by offering right-sized solutions that give you exactly what you need at a price and timetable you expect.

We offer three main types of Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM services:

  • Packaged Solutions: Years of ArcSight engagements give us precise insights into what solutions and services clients need. SEMplicity Packaged Solutions are easy-to-understand, and have clearly defined deliverables, set schedules and cost certainty.
  • Consulting Services: We can provide full-time Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM expert engineers and analysts, on-site or via remote access, to build, monitor, maintain and/or enhance your deployment.
  • Cost-Certain Subscription Solutions: For organizations that only need periodic help, we deliver content and intelligence that keep your Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM deployment finely tuned and up-to-date.

Of course, an essential component of a superior client experience is flexibility, and we can design and implement client-specific offerings, comprising some or all of the above types, to fit your specific ArcSight needs.

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