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Why SEMplicity?


We are, at heart, implementers and developers. What we design, we build. And rest assured, what we build will be tailored to your environment.

Managed Services

What we build, we support, and back all our solutions with optional cost-effective managed services. And we are always looking for innovative ways to improve your security posture.

Solution Design

No one vendor or product applicable to every client. We know what works, and in what environment. And we also know what does not work.

Security technology specialists


Security log management is the original “big data” use case. Elastic’s open, horizontally scalable and feature-rich technology stack future-proofs our solutions for cost, capacity and functionality.


Still one of the best legacy SIEMs at parsing and real-time correlation, ArcSight’s new Transformation Hub open architecture allows us to layer new technologies on top of existing deployments, leveraging prior investments and institutional knowledge.


Detecting security events is critical, but we think it is even better to prevent them from happening in the first place. Fortify’s products offer proactive, dynamic and static scanning for unearthing application vulnerabilities and coding errors.

Voltage SecureData

Tokenizing data at rest forms your last line of defense, and Micro Focus Voltage SecureData is among the best and least intrusive ways to achieve unbreakable enterprise-wide data protection.

Microsoft Identity Manager & Azure AD

We like how Microsoft Identity Manager, when combined with Azure AD, provides a seamless integration with your on-prem and cloud identities, both for users and administrators.

Expert curators of security solutions

We deliver all our offerings as consulting engagements, staff augmentations or as managed services: hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

Elastic for log management & SIEM

Technology: Elastic

We are experts in the design, implementation and management of this versatile and cost-effective technology.

Our use cases include log management, event detection, anomaly detection, security operations, UEBA and security analytics. Let us outline a greenfield architecture; create a roadmap for migration from an existing legacy SIEM; or explore cost-effective hybrid deployments, supplemented by skilled security event handling and response.

Elastic SIEM-in-a-Box

Technology: Elastic

We designed our Elastic SIEM-in-a-Box specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs and MSSPs) who need to offer this cutting-edge solution to new clients — and especially to existing clients who want to migrate away from a legacy SIEM.

From licensing and engineering to providing technical pre-sale support, we help protect your customer base while attracting new clients increasingly enthusiastic about Elastic as a SIEM.

A Hybrid ArcSight-Elastic SIEM

Technology: ArcSight & Elastic

An Elastic-ArcSight hybrid combines the strength of ArcSight’s excellent parsing and real-time correlation with Elastic’s speed, scalability, advanced functionality and attractive pricing model. Maximize your ROI from ArcSight while reducing cost and enabling new use cases.

ArcSight for log management & SIEM

Technology: ArcSight

Since 2009, we have supported many dozens of successful ArcSight deployments for the largest enterprises. Large companies have invested heavily in ArcSight, creating content, customizing and accumulating institutional knowledge.

As Micro Focus Gold-Level partners, we are perfectly positioned to assist your ArcSight deployment in whatever capacity best fits your requirements today: including support, migration, optimization, expansion and staff augmentation.

A Fortify Center of Excellence

Technology: Fortify

Finding application vulnerabilities is just the start of a robust AppSec program. Our Fortify Center of Excellence managed service integrates static and dynamic application scanning into your entire software development lifecycle.

We not only standardize and automate vulnerability detection, but also help remediate them and train your development resources on secure coding techniques — all within your existing DevOps framework.

Microsoft Identity Manager & AzureAD

Technology: MIM

The latest integration with Azure AD promises a seamless logon experience for users and role-based access control for administrators across on-prem and cloud-based systems.

We are experts in MIM installs and have implemented it at the largest enterprises.

Static & Dynamic Penetration Testing

Technology: Various

Penetration testing detects problems before they become incidents. Our expert pen testers use the latest technologies to provide this assurance, performing continual testing, helping with remediation and training to harden your attack service.

Fortify/Fortify-on-Demand Value Sprint

Technology: MicroFocus Fortify

Whether it’s a quick start or you want to maximize the value Fortify provides today, this two-week professional services engagement provides exactly the expertise you need — at a reasonable cost.

Voltage Center of Excellence

Technology: MicroFocus Voltage

Voltage, with its format preserving encryption/tokenization, is relatively easy to integrate into your critical applications, but somebody has to keep it humming.

That’s where SEMplicity’s services come in. We’ll also help your development resources integrate Voltage into your applications the right way, protecting sensitive data in your log records and SIEM deployment.