About our firm

Located in Massachusetts with consultants living throughout the US, since 2009 SEMplicity has provided cutting-edge data-centric cybersecurity solutions to large enterprises. We serve clients in North America and EMEA, and are a proud elastic services partner and reseller since 2017. 


We have always focused on the unique needs and challenges of medium and large enterprises. In 2009, we were founded to provide expert security and technical consulting to support the ArcSight SIEM product, then the undisputed market leader. We built, fixed, enhanced, grew and improved ArcSight installations throughout North America, including several Fortune 10 companies.

In 2016, we recognized two critical trends


The big data requirements associated with collecting and storing all the log records necessary to support comprehensive event detection and threat hunting had overwhelmed legacy SIEM platforms; and


Security and observability were gradually converging in terms of data collected, storage requirements, features (such as anomaly detection) and most importantly, customer expectations. Stakeholders were starting to realize that an outage is an outage, whether caused by a security problem, application error, resource constraint, or whatever.

This realization is what led us to the elastic.

With its horizontal scalability; incredibly rich and growing feature set; blazing fast search performance; flexible storage configurations; and so much more, we came to realize that elastic solves the enterprise big data problem once and for all for both security and observability now and into the future. So we became an elastic reseller. We hired and trained our team of top elastic expert. This is how we grew to become the largest services partner of Elastic N.V.


Today, we are a focused elastic stack engineering company run by and for consultants. We are a close group of colleagues with careers spent in large enterprise cybersecurity and big data. We deliver elegant solutions, on time and with no drama. We pride ourselves on the way we treat our select group of expert consultants, which includes excellent compensation, minimal internal bureaucracy, insistence on work-life balance, a team-oriented collaborative environment and continuous skills improvement. The result is a different model for a boutique consulting company: non-transactional, calm, easy to work with, dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients. Since 2009, this winning formula has made customers and employees alike happy they chose SEMplicity.

George Boitano


George is a developer, inventor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in data security for large enterprises.

As a founder of Security Integration in 1990, he served as technical officer and authored U.S. patent 5305456: Apparatus and Method for Computer System Integrated Security.

As President, he created OEM channel partnerships with Netegrity, Inc. and other vendors, and managed the acquisition of the company by Rocket Software in 2004.

George then consulted at LogLogic, Aveksa, Verisign, Secureworks and Dell Services, where he developed an interest in SIEM technology and acquired familiarity with the Managed Security Services business model. George holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University..

Peter Roe


Peter has had a long and broad career in the Financial, Software and Security Industries. He has developed a broad range of skills and business acumen through his roles as consultant, engineer, help desk manager and analyst. His work experience includes Bank of New England, The Boston Company, DSTi International, Mosiki Consultants and Secureworks.

As the Delivery Manager, Peter’s role is to match the technical needs of the client with our in-house team of consultants. Additionally, he ensures the project is delivered in a well organized, prioritized and efficient manner. He oversees that communication between the consultants an d the client is timely and persistent. The overall objective is to see the project delivered on time as specified and on budget.

Peter holds a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College.

Avery Crotty

Senior Account Manager

Avery is a Senior Account Manager with 15 years of experience in account development, staff augmentation services and sales.

With prior experience supporting a range of Fortune 500 customers and Federal Agencies in both Aerospace and Defense, he works to gather requirements and translate into actionable business needs. Additionally, he works supporting staff augmentation for projects and organizations that require more long-term managed services.

Ready to optimize and modernize your SIEM environment? SEMplicity can make your life a lot easier.

Sale director

Newton, MA